December 4, 2012 • Singapore

The 1st Annual CityPossible FilmFestival celebrates the irrepressible imagination and power of people to inscribe their own visions into the city. CityPossible is created by a collective of concerned scholars, activists, and filmmakers to celebrate spaces of hope in the city. It arose from the question: how do people remake the city into their "city possible" in a time of corporate globalization? It asks: what motivates them to join together, how did they gain the right to city spaces, and how has their quality of life changed? The CityPossible Film Festival brings together stories of cities made of, by and for people that project light and voice to inspire new possibilities for our shared humanity.

This is an international call for short and feature films that tell stories of hope in the city. Help us find those new films and stored away gems that are seeking audiences. The CityPossible will have its debut at the Substation in Singapore this coming December 4, 2012! We look forward to your entries!

Call for Entries

Entry Deadline: October 1st, 2012 • Notification Date: October 25th, 2012

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